The Rise and Fall of My Music Career

I was just thinking about stuff to write about in the shower, and while listening to some of my own music I realized that it would be interesting to do a bit of a reflection into what was actually quite a deep dive I took into music and the music industry from August 2020 to March 2021.

I’ve been interested in making music for a long time, starting probably as early as Freshman year in high school. I was a huge fan of electronic music at the time, specifically from the curator Trap Nation. I found the music on that channel incredible impressive and wanted to make music similar to that so I started looking into music production tutorials and such and made some electronic music I am really not proud of as well as some music later on that was a little better.

Anyways, I started getting into the industry side of things when I was introduced to Alex Tumay who is a popular “mix engineer” or someone who basically takes all the elements of song and puts them together in a creative way that is pleasing to listen to (something a lot of people don’t even know about).

Alex Tumay worked closely with famous rapper “Young Thug”

From around September through December I was really interested in doing this “mix engineering” for other people and “mixed” a large number of other people’s songs, some of which you can hear below.

Throughout this time I was also trying to make some of my own music, using my own voice, and it turned out pretty bad. But slowly got better and started making some music I was pretty proud of (even though I still think that my singing is terrible, definitely have to thank AutoTune).

I even got one of my songs trending on Spotify in Brazil so that was cool.

What I realized through all this was that I really enjoyed making music, but I didn’t like the bureaucratic nonsense having to do with the business side of things: promoting music, having a social media presence, and networking with others in the industry.

And I knew that these were all key aspects of success in music, whether its success as a musician/artist or mix engineer; I really didn’t want to get into all that.

So since then I’ve pretty much put music aside for the most part, but I’m confident that I will go back to it since making music is fun and I truly enjoy the creative process behind it.

Until then, here are some of my favorite songs that I’ve made!

Thanks for reading.


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